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Water based glue, choose Shinely Glue more reliable



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Packaging Application
Decoration industry

It is used for the bonding of wood/wood products. It is reinforced to make the gaps more solid and beautiful. It can also be added to putty powder when it is used as a wall to enhance the strength of putty powder and increase the bonding strength with the original wall surface. Used for wallpaper 

Paper Application
Building materials industry

Used for coating/cement modifiers. Can be applied on wet or dry bases. Tough and resilient coating. Strong adhesion to masonry, mortar, concrete, metal, foam board, insulation, etc. For the protective film on the glass plate / household appliances , with excellent temperature and moisture resistance.

Surface Treatment Applications
Home industry

It is used for the bonding of wooden furniture, for the bonding of EVA.EPE sponges, it doest corrode the substrate; it is suitable for ordinary sofas, mattresses, swivels, sponges, boards, fabrics, papers, insulation and other materials in the insulation industry. Bonding, aging resistance.

Flexible Packaging Industry
Paper packaging industry

Involved industries: Flap carton, instant noodle box, biscuit box, wine, condiment, cigarette box, medicine box, ice cream cone, paper barrel, candy box, gift box, etc.: Common materials: coated paper, pit paper, white Cardboard, kraft paper, cardboard, etc.

Textile Industry
Printing industry

Mainly used for film bonding of color printing paper products and polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester and other films. Follow-up can be deep machine convex, shallow machine convex, deep embossing and other processes; good viscosity, high bonding strength, through the green certification.

Decoration Industry
Flexible packaging industry

Widely used in light packaging fields such as food and medicine,Can be used for compounding between plastic film and pearl film, plastic film and paper.High bonding strength, good initial adhesion, antifreeze, anti-media, hot and sour. Acid and alkali resistance.

  • 23 years of R&D experience

    Founded in 1995, Xingyu Nai Li (stock code: 838501) integrates R&D, production and sales; 23 years of research and development and product application solutions for water-based environmentally friendly adhesives; products suitable for textiles,woodworking and other fields.

  • Wide range of applications

    Products are widely used in printing and packaging, construction and decoration, food and drug, flexible packaging industry and other industries, the companys main products are high-speed paste box glue, paste box glue, coated plastic, and other water-based adhesive products.

  • Team and equipmentt

    We have a professional R&D team. The experimental center has several project research rooms.We have heavy metal content detection, VOC content detection, peel force tester and anti-aging test equipment and other product testing equipment to meet the individual needs of customers.

  • Industry standard setting

    ISO 16763"Printing technology - Post-press processing - Binding product requirements"; GB27934.1-2011 Paper-printing process control and testing methods - Part 1: Basic requirements; GB/T27934.3-2011 Paper-printing process Control and testing methods Part 3...

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